Top 10 Best Training Tips For Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are on of the most popular dogs in the world. The popularity is partly based on how beautiful the dogs are. The animals are loyal, gentle, very intelligent, very energetic, and friendly. You can train a Golden Retriever successfully yourself. Many dog owners leave the majority of training to professionals but there are still numerous training lessons that are specific to each home. Here are some great tips for new and experienced Golden Retriever owners.

9Potty Training

Teaching a dog where the bathroom is can be the most important training lesson. Do not expect perfection. When accidents occur, take the dog to the door or designated toilet and say “here”. Punishment can be leaving the dog outside because Golden Retrievers are very social. Avoid leaving dogs out in bad weather. Some Golden Retrievers have been taught to use the “human” toilet and even flush it. This is a training feat but it can be done because the dogs are so smart.